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Zen Drops, 30ml

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Zen Drops, 30ml

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Our Zen Drops are a naturopath-formulated botanical medicine to hold and support you during parenthood. Using only natural and organic ingredients, these grounding drops can be placed under your tongue throughout the day or night to cultivate a sense of calm, confidence and connection.


Our signature blend of flower essences support the emotional reserves of birthing people and parents. Drawing on the energetic healing power of plants, they promote mother-baby bonding, renew enthusiasm and energy, promote self-confidence and love, and open the heart to gratitude and joie de vivre for life.


A magical medicinal tincture that works synergistically to calm baby blues, postpartum anxiety and rage, reduce stress, maintain emotional well-being and promote feelings of relaxation, balance, and calm.



Place 7 drops under the tongue whenever you need a little grounding amongst the magnificent madness of parenthood. The perfect support for postpartum hormones, feelings of anxiety or any other time the general overwhelm of life takes over. 


Picture any tension or stress leaving your body. Your breath is your greatest ally and can be used to regulate your nervous system no matter where you are or what you're doing. You got this! 

Distilled Water, Brandy*, Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) Tincture*, Signature blend of Australian Bush Flower Essences* 

100% plant-based. No synthetic ingredients or preservatives. Contains alcohol as a preservative, at a rate of 0.05ml per dose which is perfectly safe for breastfeeding.

Handmade with love in Naarm/Melbourne.