TINI - Pronounced Ti-née ||

MINILAND - boy blond 38cm
MINILAND - boy blond 38cm
MINILAND - boy blond 38cm


MINILAND - boy blond 38cm

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This doll belongs to our Miniland Dolls collection that promotes the value of equality within kids regardless of their race, gender or condition and allows them to also learn about the diversity in all of us and how to develop social skills such as empathy and tolerance. 
  • Doll size: 38cm
  • Suitable for 18 months +
  • The doll cannot be bathed or immersed in water
  • Vanilla Scented
  • Anatomically Correct
  • Singlet and underwear included
  • Clothing sold separately

The Miniland Educational Dolls are an important educational resource that helps children and adults understand the concept of family, population groups, the basic rules of relationships and coexistence, and respect for racial and sexual diversity.

This doll has an articulated head, arms and legs. 

It comes dressed in underwear and presented in a kraft box making it the perfect gift. 

Made in Phytalates-free vinyl, making them soft and flexible to the touch. 

Suitable for 18 months +

Size: 38cm

MINILAND - boy blond 38cm