TINI - Pronounced Ti-née ||

Collection: La Terre Press

Yaama! I am so proud to be able to share my new collection with you.
As a proud Gamilaraay woman I wanted to incorporate some of my language into art and this collection is a direct result of that.
Created respectfully on Bidjigal country, this range was inspired by my daughter and I wanting to be able to teach her our language and have it as art that can hang on the wall - so she can absorb it while getting enjoyment out of the imagery. I hope to share my language with everyone and invite Gamilaraay into all homes. These prints certainly aren’t limited to children and I truly hope everyone will love them just as much.
There are colourways, a neutral and cream range and a full colour range, so hopefully there is something there for all of you. Thank you all, as always for your constant love and support.