TINI - Pronounced Ti-née ||

Collection: Illoura the Label

Illoura the Label was born from the desire to create cherished baby, childrens and womenswear, crafted with kindness and destined to become adored heirloom pieces.

Grounded in a palette of signature neutral tones, Illoura collections are intentionally designed with a timeless aesthetic to be loved and worn time and time again. Capturing effortless beauty for everyday moments - from a babes’ very first days to those when they are finding their feet in the world, through to our womenswear pieces created to see her bloom through all stages of life. 

All Illoura collections are made mindfully to the highest quality, whilst honouring our planet and the beautiful people who craft our clothing. Our processes are slow and kind, sourcing only natural or sustainably certified materials, prioritising non-toxic dyes and produced in partnership with trusted artisans. Our commitment to community extends beyond those that create and wear our clothes, creating a space that honours women and gives back through considered initiatives.