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Zodiac mother print - Cancer
Zodiac mother print - Cancer
Zodiac mother print - Cancer


Zodiac mother print - Cancer

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cancer mother - zodiac mothers 

'a mother born under the cancer zodiac sign is a mother of the water,

she is a sensitive soul with a loving heart, treasuring her children most,

she is a caring and empathetic mother, a natural born nurturer like the sea hugs the coast,

a cancer mother is intuitive, sentimental and creative, a loyal mother who is by your side,

feeling deeply and picking up on their child’s energy, like a rising and falling tide,

she is a mother of the water' - poem written by Tara Sea and is featured on artwork.

For you Mumma; your journey is jut beginning but you were born to do this and be here. You got this. 

Available printed on A4 linen card. Perfect to be framed and treasured in your loved ones nursery. Please note “the name nest” water mark across the print is not present in real life. It just protects the artist from online copy right issues. Please also note the “your name here” is not available via us as stockists. 

Come see them in store framed. Framed option Not available for shipping unfortunately 

Zodiac mother print - Cancer