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Silicone penguin nasal aspirator

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Relieve your baby's blocked or runny nose with a Haakaa Silicone Penguin Nasal Aspirator.


It is a quick, quiet and efficient way to clear your little one's stuffy, runny nose. Made from soft, food grade silicone, this aspirator sucks up mucus with a gentle squeeze and release, clearing airways and helping your little one to breathe easier.


The dual valve design ensures no back flow into your baby's nose! There are 2 tip sizes to choose from - making it ideal for all noses. Simple to use and fully detachable for thorough cleaning so no mold or bacteria will hang around. The body of the aspirator is transparent with measurement markers on the side, so you can see how much mucus has been collected. It's also light weight and portable so you can have it handy, wherever you are.


Includes -
  • Silicone Aspirator
  • 2 tips - 0-12 months and 12+ months
  • Tube cleaning brush