TINI - Pronounced Ti-née ||

Edward with flexible limbs & his skateboard

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Edward with flexible limbs & his skateboard

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  • MINIATURE DOLL PRETEND PLAY - Take Edward and His skateboard out on a city street or stay at a doll house. The pretend play for children is great for kids to play along with learning new words to keep kids creative, learning and having fun.
  • DEVELOP IMAGINATION - The mini life-like toys help children create a story of their own. It nurtures creativity and imagination for early children development. Imagination fosters cognitive and social development. It makes them wonder about this world.
  • 1 PC - This male doll is 4 tall and comes with a skateboard. Its made with solid wood covered with quality knitted and jersey fabric. The legs are bendable. Character for Dovetail House.
  • MADE FROM A RENEWABLE RESOURCE This toy is extremely safe as it is eco-friendly, and chemical-free. It is made from highly renewable rubber tree wood and for every tree that is used to build this toy, another tree is replanted. The outer layer of the toy is furnished with Non-Toxic Paint to make sure your young one is safe. As you want the best quality for your child, a guarantee that this toy will not disappoint.
  • MEETS ALL EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN SAFETY STANDARDS WITH FOCUS ON CRAFTSMANSHIP AND QUALITY - Quality and safety is the most important part of our designs at Tender Leaf Toys. Each Toy is made with the concern for your child's well-being and education. Designed by our UK Product team to meet all European standards and manufactured in our Indonesian factory.